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Create Interactive Worlds

Media Server for Interactive Spaces

"LightAct is fast and the user interface is intuitive."

Programmer @ Nicefall

"LightAct is our go-to solution for all interactive installations."

Group Manager @ Hexogon

"With LightAct it's easier to make interactive projects happen."

Principal @ Nipek Lighting Design Collective

"LightAct is an incredibly stable software. After several days of using it, we haven’t experienced a single error."

Systems Manager @ Hexogon

"LightAct is a very reliable system, but what makes it really stand out is its interactivity."

CEO @ Creative Lighting Asia

"I'm surprised by the ease-of-use of LightAct. I'm totally sold to your environment."

Jonathan Masterson
Programmer @ Moment Factory & Théâtre du Nouveau Monde

"LightAct is very easy to use and stable."

CEO @ BeatingHeart sound+light

"The ability to visualize the project 3 months before commissioning was invaluable!"

Principal @ Limelight Atelier
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LightAct supports Unreal Engine, Unity and Notch. You can send content and data, in 60 FPS, from LightAct to all 3 of these engines and back. 

And that’s on top of LightEngine, LightAct’s own particle engine designed for low-resolution lighting installs.

When it comes to real-time content, LightAct gives you plenty of options.

Made to run


We designed LightAct hardware and software with 24/7/365 operation in mind.

All of our servers have a 5-year on-site warranty, in 1U or 2U compact housings. To keep the costs down, we included only the components you will actually need, but we pushed the performance of each model as far as it could go.

And check out the entire suite of our software. It includes tools for installation management and monitoring that you will love!

We only get paid when you do!

LightAct Free is not just your run-of-the-mill trial version. You can use LightAct Free for unlimited time and you can also save your work and continue later.

The only limitation is a watermark on all the outputs. This means you can use LightAct Free to create the whole project and only when you need to remove the watermark, do you have to purchase a license.

We only get paid when you do, so download LightAct Free and start creating!

It includes everything.

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LightAct is rooted in interactivity. Its node-based Layer Layouts visual scripting system allows you to create ever-evolving shows easily and intuitively.

Create non-linear sequences based on variables, computer vision, dozens of 3rd party integrations or even online data sources.

Everything is adjustable and programmable.

LightAct is not just for high-end projects with unlimited budgets!

We want LightAct to be accessible to everyone. When you explore our pricing options you will see there is a solution for every project and every budget. 

Licenses from just 99 €!

With you

All the Way

You can use LightAct from the beginning of your project all the way to its completion.

During the design phase, you’ll use its on-screen and VR visualization capabilities to get your client on-board. Then you’ll work with the Sequencer and Layer Layouts to program your amazing show. 

Just before leaving the site, you’ll set up LightAct Manager and WebUIs to take care of your installation throughout its lifetime.

Create Interactive Worlds!