LightAct 3.7.0 Preview is Available!

After many months of hard work, we are thrilled to be able to release LightAct 3.7.0 to a select number of users. 

It has been a long journey, but a very fulfilling one. We believe LightAct 3.7.0 includes all the features we (and you, our users) identified as missing in the last few projects LightAct was involved with.

A particular focus of this release is the integration with Unreal Engine which took a giant leap forward. Read more about it on a dedicated page below.

We expect to iterate quickly through several versions in the next few weeks, which means a publicly released version of LightAct 3.7.0 should be released in a month or two.

If you would like to get early access to LightAct 3.7.0, please click on the button below and apply.

*This link has been removed as Early Access to LightAct 3.7.0 it’s not available anymore.

Meet Iris

Meet Iris. LightAct's eyes.

Just as projects involving LightAct, keep on growing in scale, so do the tools need to become faster and the workflow more seamless. 

This was the main reason for developing Iris – LightAct’s new computer vision system that allows LightAct to understand the world around it.

It allows you to calibrate dozens of projectors in just a few moments, which is already a huge advantage when you need to calibrate several dozens of them in a short time span. 

On top of that, it also solves another problem. That of incorrect positioning of objects. Iris allows you to get a point cloud of your scene and you can use it, also in LightAct, to adjust the position of your virtual objects so that they are placed precisely where their physical twins are.

Iris is available now.