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DMX Control

Control a massive amount of DMX pixels with powerful LightAct toolset.

DMX fixture library

You can create DMX fixtures in DMX Fixture Editor window.

More than that, you can choose one of standard pixel types (RGB, RGBW and others) or create a completely custom pixel type.

Then you can place these pixels in a rectangular, circular or a completely custom arrangement.

DMX Content Mapping

You can map content to a DMX fixture either directly from a canvas – thus using a 2D workflow, or use video screens as a source of content for DMX fixture. This way, the relative position between them comes into play.

Art-Net & sACN DMX Protocols

LightAct supports Art-Net and sACN protocols. As these are, by far, the most commonly used DMX network protocols, this gives you the power to control any DMX fixture on the market.

Furthermore, LightAct can also receive DMX data in both of these protocols as well. You can use the incoming DMX data in any way you want. To modify the content, to trigger an action or something else entirely.

Control anything with DMX

LightAct’s DMX functionalities are not limited to output only. You can receive DMX as well.

Every property of any layer can be controlled with incoming DMX.

LightAct layers have a customizable number of variables.

And you can control any of these variables with incoming DMX.