WebUI Installation

If you've purchased a Pro server, you don't need to read this as we've installed WebUIs for you already. If, on the other hand, you are using LightAct Free and want to try WebUIs or if you'd like to enable them in one of LightAct Pro software licenses, read on. There are 5 steps that [...]Continue reading

Changing default passwords

During the installation of your Pro server, it is very important to change the default WebUI and MySQL passwords. In this tutorial, we'll go through that. Changing the default WebUI password When we ship a Pro server we set up a default WebUI administrator user with username Lightact and password YouaresoLA. It is highly advisable for you [...]Continue reading

Layer layouts and WebUIs

After you've set up your WebUI its time to integrate it into LightAct. We'll do that in Layer layouts with dedicated WebUI nodes. You can see them by right-clicking in an empty area of a layout and hovering over WebUI category. There's 4 of them and we are going to explain them one by one. [...]Continue reading

Customizing WebUIs

WebUIs use standard web technologies so if you want, you can easily write your own WebUI. Below you will find the key components and technologies used in creating WebUI system: Wamp server: wamp server is a Windows server that comes with MySQL, PHP and many other technologies. Most web pages are written in PHP. Interactive elements [...]Continue reading

WebUI Overview

LightAct WebUIs allow you to create simple and intuitive user interfaces (UIs). They are web applications which means you can access them through a browser and are independent of LightAct program itself. As such they are available only on LightAct Pro servers and are not included in LightAct main installation package. What are WebUIs? WebUIs [...]Continue reading

Create a new WebUI

WebUIs are created in WebUI Builder. It is a powerful drag & drop interface where you can type in text, insert and set up interactive widgets and style a WebUI. You can access WebUI builder from the link at the bottom of any WebUI.   The builder consists of 4 main areas: Main sidebar: here [...]Continue reading

Adjust WebUI styling

On the right side of WebUI Builder, you can set up the styling of a WebUI. Styling properties you can adjust are: Page background color sets the background color of the whole page. Page margins set the spacing between the body and the edge of the browser. Body background color sets the background color of [...]Continue reading

Create new user & set up access

WebUIs allow you to create several user profiles with different user roles and access privileges. There are 2 user levels: Administrators and Users. Administrators have unlimited access to WebUI Front and Back-end. They can also create other User profiles. In every Lightact Pro server, there is one Administrator account already set up. Administrator accounts are usually [...]Continue reading