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Lightact integrates seamlessly with Unreal Engine 4. For those that do not know, Unreal Engine is a game and real-time rendering engine developed by Epic Games, Inc. Lightact allows you to use UE4’s awesome real-time rendering capabilities in combination with Lightact’s media server functionalities.


Here at Lightact, we maintain a number of UE4’s plugins, which allow you to share textures and variables between the two applications.

The steps needed to make this integration work are:

  1. Install the necessary UE4 plugins available on Lightact Github page
  2. Create Spout senders and receivers in both applications for 2-way texture sharing
  3. Create JSON memory sharer in Lightact and Shared Memory JSON to String Map node in UE4 for variable sharing.

In the next chapter, we’ll start by Installing the necessary UE4 plugins.

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