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Flexibility all the way

At LightAct we believe in flexibility. That’s why we are giving you 2 options. You can build your own hardware and combine it with LightAct software licenses or, if you prefer a one-shop approach, you can purchase LightAct servers, which come with all the software you need.

Software Licenses

Choose this option if you are comfortable building your own hardware. Get exactly what you need – nothing more.

  • Choose computer or dongle-bound licenses
  • Flexible license usage period
  • Flexible number of video outputs & inputs
  • Build hardware with only the features you actually need

LightAct Servers

Choose this option if you prefer to get the whole solution from one shop. Software and hardware – combined for power & reliability.

  • Includes Creator Licence with an unlimited usage period
  • Includes LightAct Manager & WebUIs
  • Hardware platform built for 24/7/365 installs
  • Rock-solid warranty and on-site service
  • Optional Notch Playback bundle