OSC Writer crash if port not available

OSC Writer crashes if port is not available. Steps to reproduce Set up an OSC Reader so that it listens on a specific port. Set up OSC Writer to the same port, but don't enable the Streaming checkbox yet. Set up an OSC Sender in Layouts so that it is sending some value to the [...]Continue reading

Lightact reverts to Free license despite dongle

On some computers, Lightact sometimes reverts to Free license with watermark despite a dongle with a license is plugged in. Steps to reproduce Insert a USB dongle and Run a project Lightact will, on some computers, for a minute or so, switch to Free license. Workaround None known. Fixed in 3.2.3Continue reading

Crash when re-scaling imported objects

Lightact crashes when you try to scale an imported OBJ object along the red axis. Please note: this bug might appear with other workflows too. Steps to reproduce Create an empty project import an obj file select it and press 't' to switch to scale gizmo try to scale along the red axis. Workaround First [...]Continue reading