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We make money only when you do

Creator Free

You can use LightAct for free for as long as you want, with as many outputs as you want and with all LightAct features unlocked! And yes, with all of our licenses you can save your work and continue later.

The only limitation of Creator Free license is that all the outputs are watermarked, which means you need to make a purchase only when you need to remove the watermark. 

Software & hardware for limitless creations:

Creator Server

Every LightAct server comes pre-loaded with the entire LightAct software suite and a Creator Server license. 

All the features of LightAct, Manager and WebUIs are all available  to you and ready for you to use.

Use it as long as you use the server.

Software license only (bring your own hardware):

Creator Rental

You can rent LightAct Creator for a year and you can also choose the number of outputs and inputs on your license.

If you want to extend your yearly license, we have an additional discount for you.

Creator Perpetual

We created Creator Perpetual license for fixed installations because it works for all eternity without a watermark. 

The only difference is that you can only upgrade the software for up to 3 months after the day of purchase.

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