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LightAct for End-Users

Web User Interfaces

Control LightAct from a Browser

LightAct is very intuitive for most AV technicians, but can still be a bit daunting for typical End-Users such as facility or IT managers.

Enter WebUIs, which allow you to create simple browser UIs with buttons and sliders your End-Users will love.

WebUI Example

This video shows WebUIs we created for Science Park 1 media facade. It allows the End-Users to have complete control over the entire programming of the media facade.

CMS for Advanced Multi-Media

Program Anything

Interaction between LightAct and WebUIs is programmed with Layer Layouts. This allows you to have complete control what each button or slider you insert into your WebUI does.

You can even let your End-Users schedule WebUI commands and variables in advance.

WebUIs give your End-Users complete control over their installation.

From any device, at any time and from anywhere.

WebUI Builder

Create WebUIs with Ease

You don’t have to write a single line of code to create WebUIs. Everything can be built with WebUI Builder – a drag & drop back-end where you can simply drag the widgets you want onto the page.

You can even stylize your WebUIs, limit user access and much more.

Create Interactive Worlds