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LightAct for Real-Time

LightAct works with

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine was the first game engine we integrated. LightAct does that with the help of 2 UE4 plugins we offer free-of-charge. One is for 2-way texture sharing and the other one for data communication between LightAct and UE4.

Combine the 2 apps and create something Unreal!

"LightAct is our go-to solution for all interactive installations."

Adrian Goh

Group Manager, Hexogon

LightAct works with


Notch is the latest addition to the real-time engines LightAct works with, however it is definitely one we are very excited about. It offers unprecedented VFX which work perfectly with LightAct’s media server functionalities.

Take real-time VFX up a Notch and give the 2 apps a go!

Playback of Notch blocks is available in LightAct Start and higher software licenses and in all LightAct servers.

LightAct works with


We’ve created 2 Unity plugins that you can use in your Unity projects, which will allow you to share textures and data with LightAct. This combines Unity’s powerful real-time rendering capabilities with LightAct’s media server and installation management tools.

Unite the 2 apps and create something great!

LightAct includes


LightEngine is LightAct’s internal particle engine. It is programmed using Layer Layouts’ nodes and is perfect for low-resolution lighting display where you don’t need high-quality renders or advanced logic of a game engine.

Create Interactive Worlds