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LightAct for Real-Time

LightAct works with

Unreal Engine

LightAct was the first media server that introduced Unreal Engine integration. Over the years, we’ve continued to push the boundaries of what is possible with real-time content in multimedia environments.

Click on the button below and discover vast opportunities LightAct and Unreal Engine offer you.

"LightAct is our go-to solution for all interactive installations."

Adrian Goh

Group Manager, Hexogon

LightAct works with


Notch is a real-time VFX engine that is natively supported in LightAct.

Create breathtaking live events and installations by combining Notch real-time VFX Notch with powerful media server functionalities of LightAct.

LightAct works with


LightAct works with all the standard object and camera tracking protocols on the market.

Track moving objects and cameras on your stage and mesmerize your audience with stunning interactive visuals.