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LightAct 3.3.0 is out!

After many months of work, we are finally releasing 3.3.0 into the wild! It’s got so many new and exciting features that you will be amazed.  LightAct Changelog Notch &

LightAct has a new Logo

LightAct has a new logo. Gone is the green ‘LA’ and in comes a new logo, which, we believe tells the story of LightAct in a much bolder way. At

Lightact v3.2.3 is released!

Lightact v3.2.2 is Out!

3.2.2 Announcement

Making of Funan Interactive Games

Funan Interactive Games is a project that challenged us in many ways. It pushed us to introduce some new products and caused some Lightact’s features to mature. In this article,

Lightact Webinar

Prolight + Sound 2019

BYO Server – Lightact Pro Licenses

Lightact v3.1.4

Stereo Vision in Interactive Projections

Lightact v3.1.3

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