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C++ Developer

We are looking for several C++ software engineers to work with us either on a full-time or part-time basis. Both remote or in-house positions are available. Who we are looking

LightAct 4 Early Access

We are extremely excited to be able to announce the arrival of LightAct 4! We built LightAct 4 from the ground up and included hundreds of comments and suggestions we

Marketing & Support Assistant

We are looking for a flexible marketing and support assistant giving us a hand with marketing content preparation, software testing and producing support documentation and video tutorials. If you are

LightAct awarded the second Epic MegaGrant

Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite and Unreal Engine, awarded LightAct the second MegaGrant! After receiving the first grant in the spring of 2020, we are very happy and incredibly

Unreal Engine Sample Project

We updated our Unreal Engine Sample project so that it better reflects all the possibilities the combination of LightAct and Unreal offers you. Download Make Magic Download LightAct Now!

LightAct Conversations

To better understand our users and how we could help you, we are launching LightAct Conversations! It is a simple conduit allowing you to (quickly) tell us what we could do

Creator Free

With the introduction of projection study and other similar functionalities we realized we needed to change our licensing a (tiny) bit. So today, we are introducing Creator Free. It is

Projection Study

Projection Study is a new feature in LightAct 3.7.0 which allows you to analyze your projection setup and find the best possible approach. You can enable Projection Study through

LightAct 3.7.0 is Released!

It’s been around a month since we released the preview of LightAct 3.7.0 and the feedback we received from you, our users, has been phenomenal! We pushed ahead and ironed

LightAct 3.7.0 Preview is Available!

After many months of hard work, we are thrilled to be able to release LightAct 3.7.0 to a select number of users.  It has been a long journey, but a

Meet Iris

Meet Iris. LightAct’s eyes. Just as projects involving LightAct, keep on growing in scale, so do the tools need to become faster and the workflow more seamless.  This was the

3.7.0. Closed Beta

For the past few weeks, we've been extremely hard at work on LightAct 3.7.0. It will include an entirely new workflow combining the best of Unreal Engine and LightAct and it will make it much easier to project Unreal Engine content.

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