Unreal Engine Sample Project


This Unreal Engine project has several levels which work with LightAct Sample Projects. The project has been created with Unreal Engine 4 and includes Spout and LightAct plugins.

The levels included in this project are:

Basic LightAct Integration

This level works with Basic Unreal Engine Integration LightAct Sample Project that you can open from the Welcome screen. It demonstrates a simple 2-way sharing of textures and variables.

Stranger Rings

A mix between a captivating TV show called Stranger Things and Dr. Strange’s Portals, this Unreal Engine sample project demonstrates the Niagara VFX feature introduced in Unreal Engine 4.20 in combination with LightAct’s computer vision capabilities.

Audio Freak

Audio Freak level demonstrates audio visualization using Unreal Engine and LightAct. This level has been set up to work with LightAct’s sample project called Audio Visualisation with UE4.

The Depths of You

This level shows some of the possibilities using depth maps in Unreal Engine. The level should work perfectly with LightAct’s sample project called The Depths of You. In it, LightAct reads a depth map from Intel’s RealSense camera, does some image processing on it and sends it to UE4. UE4 then uses it for visual effects and the final texture is then sent back to LightAct for display.


After you’ve downloaded the project you should Generate Visual Studio project files. When the process completes, please double-click the .uproject file and then, click on Yes when it asks you whether to rebuild the files. This process has been tested on Unreal Engine 4.24 and Visual Studio 2017 community edition (although Visual Studio actually shouldn’t be necessary).

If you have any problems please refer to: 

If you still can’t make it work, post a question on LightAct Answerhub and we’ll try to help you out.