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Media Server for

Unreal Engine

Combine Unreal's beautiful pixels with LightAct's powerful media server tools.

Zero Latency

LightAct and Unreal run on the same machine with zero latency texture and data sharing.

This enables you to build cost-effective and extremely powerful multi-server setups without having to get additional servers just for streaming of Unreal content.

Two apps. One machine. Zero latency.

Perfect Sync

LightAct and Unreal can be genlocked and their timecodes synced.

You can control Unreal’s framerate from LightAct or vice-versa. This allows the 2 apps to work in lockstep without fighting for valuable computer resources.

With timecode syncing, you can be sure that the frame you are pushing out, is exactly the one you want.

Easy to Use

LightAct’s Unreal Engine plugin enables a seamless and completely automatic workflow between Unreal and LightAct.

LightAct can also take care of distributing, launching, killing and monitoring of your packaged Unreal projects.

Achieve results. Faster.

Pixel Perfect

Iris is LightAct’s computer vision technology. It allows you to calibrate dozens of projectors in just a few moments.

It also enables you to adjust your virtual scene, so that it perfectly matches reality.

Pixel perfect projection. Every time.