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Visualize on-screen or in VR

In LightAct Visualizer you can insert geometry, video screens, light fixtures and UV mapped objects. The content you send to them in the real world is going to show in the virtual as well. Everything you see in the Visualizer is going to happen in the real world.

"The ability to visualize the project 3 months before commissioning was invaluable!"

Melvyn Law

Principal, Limelight Atelier

Layer Layouts & Sequencer

Program the Show

Layer Layouts and Sequencer give you the tools to create interactive worlds!

Create real-time 2D or 3D content, play video or audio files, conditional action flows and much more.

All with one easy-to-use software tool.

LightAct servers

Install the Hardware

LightAct servers come in a compact and easy-to-install 1U or 2U form factor designed for a reliable long-term 24/7 operation. That’s why we are able to offer a 5-year onsite next-business-day warranty and many more reliability features.

LightAct Manager & WebUIs

Manage & Monitor

LightAct Manager takes care that the installation runs without a hitch 24/7 and WebUIs provide an intuitive web-based user interface for the End-User. Usually you set up these 2 softwares just before you leave the site.

Create Interactive Worlds